No plastic

In most cases, tea packaging – the pyramids which go in the water
as well as the outer envelopes which maintain tea’s flavour for a longer period
of time, are made of plastic. If not recycled properly, plastic stays on our planet for
at least 30 years, harming its ecosystem. Besides that, plastic tea pyramids
might discharge toxic residue during tea brewing,
which could harm our bodies.


Our pyramid tea bags, including their tags, are made of renewable corn
starch and can decompose in 3 months in a controlled environment. Due to their
natural origin, the bags don’t release any toxic residue during tea brewing.


Our tea sachets are made of renewable wood pulp sourced from
responsible forestry. They are compostable and can be disposed of along
with organic waste to enhance soil quality.


On top of this, the quality of our products is guaranteed by the organic
certification of all the ingredients we use. This means that during the time they were
grown, all their nutrients were provided through natural compost without
the use of chemical substances such as pesticides.